Stocking our collections in your store is straightforward.

Whether you want to buy wholesale or retail our brands as a concession, we supply to retailers as one of our own brands or white-labelled for your store

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Distribution & Logistics


Handling over 60 million pieces every year, our logistics and freight team work with our core factories across the globe.

Dealing with a number of factories with which they are in daily contact they also work closely with our QC Teams and our freight agents to ensure a smooth, seamless operation.




Our pieces are checked at every stage of manufacturing and thoroughly inspected prior to shipment to ensure they meet our high quality expectations. We always make sure our pieces are safe and can be manufactured to meet all international chemical compliance standards if necessary.




Not only is our supply chain compliant with local and international labour standards, but we’re committed to continuously improving our environmental impact and sustainability.Our sites conduct annual audits to ensure compliance with local and international labour standards –we publish our data via the Sedex platform and commit to making continuous improvements to our sustainable development goals. We have QC functions in all areas of manufacture; so all products are inspected prior to shipment, to meet our performance expectations. Our products are safe and can be manufactured to meet all international chemical compliance standards.



As well as supplying our collections wholesale, we operate in-store and online concessions for our collections worldwide.

In Store

With a team spread over 700 towns and cities across the UK and Ireland, our field colleagues are focused on every aspect of store operations.  Working closely alongside the local store teams they deliver great standards, high visual impact and trading compliance throughout our concessions stores.