About Us

DCK Group has over 25 years’ experience in fashion jewellery. We are experts in designing, developing and trading in accessories, working with a wide range of partners and selling directly to consumers.

Million Products manufactured a year
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Our Business Proposition

End-to-end capabilities

The only UK-headquartered company that can offer retail partners a truly insight-led end-to-end service from concept through to production, developing high quality products through a compliant supply chain

A scaled omnichannel operating model

DCK’s operations include concessions, wholesale, e-commerce, franchise and direct to consumer online. We are the largest UK business of our kind and pride ourselves on our speed to market for new product

Design and development expertise and knowhow

We have an unrivalled trend and market knowledge base, component buying power and manufacturing process, which cannot be efficiently matched in-house

Innovative technology

Our use of technology continues to drive efficiencies throughout every element of the process

Long-standing relationships

We have deep and long-standing relationships with blue-chip retailers as well as suppliers